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The Air Sniper Induct 300W Air Treatment System was designed and developed to sanitize the air rather than filter it.


We achieved this by maximizing the UVGI output while creating scientifically measured dwell time and molecule contact to ensure the destruction of all unwanted pathogens.


The Air Sniper Induct 300W has been designed to fit into existing HVAC systems with ease with a plug and play system and eliminates the need for expensive electrical connections.


Additional features:


This unit has a magnetic induction bulb which lasts over 5 years.


The Induct 300 can be installed in as quick as 30 minutes and is plug and play.


Ideal for both Residential and Commercial HVAC systems as the most cost effective way to get full coverage of your home or building.

*Pictured: Air Sniper Induct 300W


Products Chart

Air Sniper Induct 300w

  • Destroys 99.9% of Pathogens
  • Plug and Play (for easy installation)
  • Total Watts: 300 Watts Total
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for remote monitoring and control
  • Differential pressure sensor on board for any up-stream filter system
  • Flow control for ON / OFF cycle    
  • Ozone Generated: 0%
  • Bulb change recommended after: 5 years
  • 100% UVC exposure along with enough dwell time to achieve maximum irradiation performance and kill ratio of unwanted pathogens  
  • Magnetic Induction Bulb      

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